Noso Smart Diffuser
for essential oils

Advanced Internet connected device
for home air freshening and aromatherapy

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Crafted to suit your life rhythm

Noso Smart essential oil Diffuser learns continuously about the environment from embedded sensors, internet updates and data from other connected devices. Automatically adjusts its operation mode to optimum. Manual scheduling is possible also.

How it works

Just insert up to five essential oil refills into the device and Noso Smart essential oil Diffuser instantly fills your room with a natural scent, switching fragrancies by advanced self-learning algorithm. You can also pick aroma manually with the complimentary mobile app.

Invisible but present

You can forget where your device is, but you will always sense its presence.

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Designed to make
complicated simple

Once you've connected the device to your Wi-Fi network, you only need to adjust spraying intensity. Noso Smart essential oil Diffuser takes care of everything else. No regular maintenance is required.

NOSO essential oils diffuser simple control

Wireless, Silent,
Designed for 24/7 comfort

When you turn off the lights Noso Smart essential oil Diffuser glows once wishing you good night, predicting sweet dreams and deep relaxation. Blinking won't disturb you at night.

Family essential oil diffuser aromatherapy
NOSO Smart Essential Oil diffuser


» Why I can't use my own essential oils?

Each essential oil has a long list of parameters like compatibility, volatility, place of origin, etc., which are very important for delivering maximum effect. All information about each refill's content is stored in the chip of the refill and on the online database every device is connected to. Most mass market essential oil suppliers just don't provide detailed information about the content. So, in order to avoid the configuring of tens of different parameters for each of the refills manually, we install all the information during the manufacturing process.

» Will the refills be expensive?

Lowest possible price for the refills is one of our main priorities, and we put significant effort in providing certified organic essential oils at a moderate or lower price range than traditional essential oil suppliers of similar quality.

NOSO Essential oil diffuser refill
Aromatherapy kid. Essential oil diffuser


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